Private Firearm Lessons



Private Firearm Lessons

Receive personalized Private Firearm Lessons and training on your specific firearm needs. This customized lesson can accommodate up to two students if you’d like to come as a couple and split the cost. The private lesson will consist of 1 hour of range time at a cost of $70 per hour. During this time, the range instructor will work one on one with you to improve your accuracy, overall comfortability with your firearm, or any other questions your may have. It’s your private lesson, so you can control pace and topics covered.

After purchase, a range instructor will contact you via email to confirm your lesson and to setup your preferred date and time.

Please have preferred times that are at least seven days from the date of purchase.

Please allow 24 hours for a response from our range instructors and be sure to check your spam folder.

Importance of Private Firearm Lessons

Whether you are a brand new firearm owner and someone just starting out, or an experience shooter, training is imperative to your success. Becoming comfortable with a gun is a saying that is thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? Recoil control, sight control, trigger control, draw mechanics, and ammunition preferences are just a few of the ways that you can begin to understand your firearm and become more comfortable. If you’re not comfortable with your firearm, you’ll have an even bigger disadvantage if you need to protect yourself or your family if the situation ever arises. The point of getting your permit to carry license is for protection. Providing proper protection includes hours of range time and repetitions. 

What Does a Private Firearm Lesson Entail?

A private firearm lesson with one of our range officers can include whatever you want it to. If you are having problems hitting the target, we can work on specific issues that may inhibit you from doing so. Send us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with the range officers to discuss how you’d like to spend your time with them at the range. 


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