Minnesota Permit to Carry Class Hybrid


Don’t have the time to sit through one of our 5 hour classes on a Saturday at the shop? You’re in luck. Click-Click-Boom offers the Minnesota Permit to Carry class in a hybrid version which allows you to take the entire classroom portion at your own pace from the comfort of your home. When finished, simply contact one of our instructors and we’ll take you out to shoot for the completion of your Permit Course.


Minnesota Permit to Carry Class Hybrid

Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota Permit to Carry Class Hybrid. This course provides another avenue for those looking to obtain the MN permit to carry without the need of a classroom setting. Rather than having to come into the shop for the classroom materials, you’ll be provided the complete classroom portion in an online format. While completing the course materials online, you’ll be required to pass a series of short multiple choice quizzes in between each lesson. Once you’ve completed all lessons online, simply shoot us an email at sales@click-click-boom.com to get in touch with an instructor and schedule your time to complete the shooting portion of the Minnesota Permit to Carry class.

Getting your permit to carry isn’t required in Minnesota to purchase a firearm, but it is if you’d like to carry a handgun on your person legally. If you are only looking to purchase a handgun, or any firearm with a pistol grip, all you need is a Minnesota Permit to Purchase. This allows you to purchase a firearm from your local gun shop for up to a year.

We are the first step for obtaining your Minnesota Permit to Carry license.

In order to successfully obtain your Minnesota Permit to Carry, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Sign up for our Minnesota Permit to Carry Class online by clicking the “Add to Cart” and proceeding to checkout.
  • Within 30 days of signing up, you’ll need to complete the “classroom” portion of the Permit to Carry class.
  • Once completed, simply email us at sales@click-click-boom.com and let us know of your completion.
  • Setup a time to finish your course at the range by shooting 25 rounds at 3 different distances.
  • After completion at our range, we’ll provide you with a completion certificate and add you to the USCCA database as passing your course.
  • Head to your local sheriff’s office with your certificate and run you through a Minnesota background check.
  • Within 2 weeks, you should receiver your Minnesota Permit to Carry license. Once you receive this, you may lawfully and legally carry a handgun in the state of Minnesota.

If you’d like to setup a private lesson with one of our range officers, feel free to sign up online. For $70 per hour, you’ll be able to head to our private range and work through any areas you feel need work.  Our USCCA certified range officers have over 30 years of experience and all military veterans.


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