All Online Gun Training Courses

Below you will find all of the courses offered by Click-Click-Boom’s team of USCCA certified firearm instructors. All of our firearm training courses are offered as online training courses for your convenience. Simply browse through our firearm course selection below and sign up to get started. You’ll be able to go through all of our gun training courses online at your own pace, as well as revisit at a later date. From handgun basics and handgun cleaning procedures, to advanced AR-15 training, we have the perfect course for you.

Click on the course below to find out more information and sign up today! If there is a specific training topic that you are interested in but don’t see offered below, you can also sign up for our private firearm training courses. These private courses allow you to pick the topics as well as experience live range time with our range officers. Private lessons allow you to fine tune your shooting performance and overall comfortability.

The only other course offered below that isn’t free is our Minnesota Permit to Carry hybrid class. At $75 per person, our Permit to Carry course allows you to complete the classroom material at your own pace from the comfort of your home. The range shooting portion will still occur at our private range, but after completion you’ll receive a certificate stating your completion of the Minnesota Permit to Carry.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class Hybrid

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class – Hybrid Version

Don't have the time to sit through one of our 5 hour classes on a Saturday in the shop? Not a problem. Complete the classroom material at your own pace and then schedule a time to come shoot to complete your course. Now's the time to get your Permit to Carry. Our course is in-depth and will cover everything from safety of your handgun, Minnesota laws, home security, how to select the perfect handgun for you, and much more.

How to Clean a Handgun Course

How to Clean a Handgun

In this free course, learn the proper steps to cleaning a handgun. While safety and training with a firearm is important, maintaining your firearm to ensure it fires when you need it to is important as well. Even that brand new gun that you take off the shelf should be oiled before first use.

handgun features, parts of a gun

Handgun Basics & Features

Ever wonder what the difference between single-action and double-action is? With this free course, you'll learn the basics of the different types of handguns and their different features. You'll learn about single-action handguns, double-action handguns, revolvers, and decocker handguns.

This course will also go over each individual part that makes up those different types of handguns so you can better understand the overall differences of each type.

Handgun Safety Class

Handgun Safety Class

The most important aspect of owning a handgun, or any firearm, is safety. Your new handgun is a tool. Like all tools, proper knowledge and safety need to be at the forefront. Before bringing your new firearm out to the range, it's best to review the important aspects of firearm safety. This course will cover handgun safety and provide you with important information that can help save your life and those around you.

gun safety for kids, firearm safety for kids

Youth Gun Safety & Fundamentals Basics

If there are firearms in your home and you have children, at some point you'll want to introduce the firearms and provide knowledge needed for your children to treat all firearms with respect. This course will introduce different teaching methods, tips, tricks and drills so you can better teach your child the fundamentals of firearms safety.

Private Firearm Lessons, Private Gun Lessons

Private Gun Lessons

Receive personalized training on your specific firearm needs. This customized lesson can accommodate up to two students if you’d like to come as a couple and split the cost. The private lesson will consist of 1 hour of range time at a cost of $70 per hour. During this time, the range instructor will work one on one with you to improve your accuracy, overall comfortability with your firearm, or any other questions your may have. It’s your private lesson, so you can control pace and topics covered.

holsters, flashlights, handgun holster, handgun gear, handgun gadgets

Gear and Gadgets

Ever wonder what the advantages are to carrying your firearm in a outside the waistband holster compared to an inside the waistband holster? Look no further. Learn about the many different types of gear, gadgets, and devices that can be used to supplement your overall concealed carry and home defense fundamentals. From holsters and lasers to flashlights and gun safes, we’ll teach you about each type of gadget as well as ways that you can put them to use in effective ways.

women's pistol training, women's firearm training, women's handgun training

Women’s Basic Pistol

This course will cover women's handgun and self-defense fundamentals. It is a known fact that women are often time targets of criminals because they think that women will be easy targets. This course will help you protect yourself and loved ones in a time of need. You don't have to be a victim or a survivor to want to learn about firearms. Now is the time to learn valuable knowledge that will help you become more comfortable if a situation were to arise.

personal and home protection plan

Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan

At its most basic level, a personal and home-protection plan is designed to help keep you physically, legally, financially and morally safe. Your ultimate goal should be to avoid violent encounters in the first place by developing an acute awareness of your surroundings and by making intelligent decisions about your actions, behaviors and precautions. The following course will help you with situational awareness, conflict avoidance and why it's so important, mental exercises, home security tips and the color codes of awareness.

Legal use of force, use of force defined

The Legal Use of Force

Although laws vary from state to state when defining your legal right to use force to protect yourself, your home, your property and other people, at their heart, most states’ laws require that any use of force be “reasonable for the circumstances.” This mini course will cover reasonable force and deadly force, as well as the use-of-force continuum and how a prosecutor will evaluate your case. Learn about the defense of your home and defending your property to ensure you understand all laws and how they pertain to each situation.

fight or flight response

Violent Encounters and Their Aftermaths

It’s been long known that when under extreme stress (including when under attack), the human body will undergo a series of automated responses as part of the “fight-or-flight” mechanisms built into its systems. These and other physical and psychological effects have long been attributed to adrenaline or other natural chemicals that flood your body during extreme stress, but the “fight-or-flight” mechanisms that are part of your system goes well beyond a simple chemical dump by your adrenal glands. Learn about how your mind and body may react if you encounter a violent situation.

womens pistol class, women's handgun course, women's defense firearms course

Women’s Defensive Pistol

Being able to step into the shooting range involves the ability to activate the worst-case-scenario center in my brain, but to do so in the most rational and focused way possible. This fear factor is actually a useful tool for marksmanship. Researchers and psychologists have studied for years that it’s the “good” stress that motivates someone to do her best under difficult circumstances. This fear is what compels us to take a deep breath, use the adrenaline rush, and work on this potentially life-saving skill.

self defense, firearms defense, handgun defense

Defensive Shooting Class

It’s important to recognize the differences between the skills required for defensive shooting and the skills required for being a good marksman on the range. Unlike relaxed exercises on the range, with paper targets at 50 feet, dynamic critical incidents are usually fast, they’re usually close (with nearly 90 percent falling between 9 and 15 feet), and when rounds are fired, it’s usually multiple rounds. With this course, you'll learn all of the skills needed to improve your defensive shooting.

self-defense firearm, self-defense basics

Self Defense Firearm Basics

Learn the four universal safety rules associated with all firearm handling, along with the basics in self-defense with your firearm. This course will cover everything from how to clear a jam to other use of force options such as a stun gun or pepper ball gun. Self-defense is one of the most important aspects of owning a firearm and learning ways to protect yourself legally, effectively, and comfortably.

advanced home defense, basic home defense

Basic and Advanced Skills CCW Home Defense

With our basic and advanced skills course, you'll learn how you can maximize your training and continue your practicing of scenarios and accuracy drills. Learn about the importance of dry-firing drills, fundamental drills, speed drills, drawing from the holster, flashlight holds and virtual training.

women's pistol class, women's intermediate handgun class

Women’s Intermediate Pistol

In the Women's Intermediate Pistol course, you'll continue your training from the Beginner's Women's course and learn the differences between Revolvers and Semi-Automatics, including the pro's and con's to using each type of firearm for protection and carrying. You'll learn of different ways to conceal your handgun on your person, specifically towards women conceal carry.


Real Estate Agent Safety Course

As a real estate agent, there are often times that you must meet with clients alone, at night, or in secluded areas. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2020 39% of of the 1.4 million NAR members stated that they met new or prospective clients alone at a secluded location or property. 23% of the 1.4 million NAR members stated that they had experienced a situation that made the individual fear for his or her personal safety or safety of his or her personal information.