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MN Permit to Carry Online Class

Don’t have time to sit through an entire class in store? Take the same class at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Effective Firearm Training

Learn from our team of certified instructors to successfully hone your shooting skills or obtain your Permit to Carry.

Training for Everyone

New shooters and developed marksman will develop safe, ethical, and responsible techniques for improving your shooting.

Popular Firearm Training Courses

Below you will find some of our most popular firearm training courses, including the Minnesota Permit to Carry course.
Feel free to click on the course that interests you below in order to view details, cost, and pre-requisites of each course.


Real Estate Agent Safety Course

As a real estate agent, there are often times that you must meet with clients alone, at night, or in secluded areas. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2020 39% of of the 1.4 million NAR members stated that they met new or prospective clients alone at a secluded location or property. 23% of the 1.4 million NAR members stated that they had experienced a situation that made the individual fear for his or her personal safety or safety of his or her personal information.

How to Clean a Handgun Course

How to Clean a Handgun

In this free course, learn the proper steps to cleaning a handgun. While safety and training with a firearm is important, maintaining your firearm to ensure it fires when you need it to is important as well. Even that brand new gun that you take off the shelf should be oiled before first use.

handgun features, parts of a gun

Handgun Basics & Features

Ever wonder what the difference between single-action and double-action is? With this free course, you’ll learn the basics of the different types of handguns and their different features. You’ll learn about single-action handguns, double-action handguns, revolvers, and decocker handguns.

This course will also go over each individual part that makes up those different types of handguns so you can better understand the overall differences of each type.

Handgun Safety Class

Handgun Safety Class

The most important aspect of owning a handgun, or any firearm, is safety. Your new handgun is a tool. Like all tools, proper knowledge and safety need to be at the forefront. Before bringing your new firearm out to the range, it’s best to review the important aspects of firearm safety. This course will cover handgun safety and provide you with important information that can help save your life and those around you.

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Why Choose Click-Click-Boom for Your MN Permit to Carry Online Class?

There are many avenues available for you to expand your knowledge and overall comfortability level with your firearm. Some of these other avenues are fly by night operations just looking to make a quick buck. Do your research and make sure the training you receive is from a firearms instructor with accreditation.
Click-Click-Boom strives to provide the most in-depth and thorough firearm training in the Minnesota area.

mn permit to carry online class
Click-Click-Boom – Waverly, MN

#1. USCCA Accredited Professional Courses

We’ve all gone through, or heard of, firearm training in the past in which the class was over within 30 minutes or starting. That’s not he case here. At Click-Click-Boom, we understand the importance of firearm training and our curriculum mirrors that. Our permit to carry courses average 4-5 hours long of classroom material and at least another 30 minutes to an hour worth of range time. We will always work 1 on 1 with individuals that need focused training and won’t stop until all of your questions have been answered.

#2. Training for Beginners through Marksman

Whether you are just starting out shooting with your first firearm or are someone who has been shooting for 20 years, Click-Click-Boom has firearm training available for you. Our instructors understand the difference between a new shooter and an experienced shooter, which means we can tune our training to fit with your specific needs.

#3. From Gun Safety to Improved Accuracy

Click-Click-Boom has a class for everyone. Not feeling too comfortable with that new handgun? We can help. Not getting the accuracy you’d hope out of your rifle? We can help with that too. Our instructors are flexible in what they teach and how they teach it. Have a large class of friends or family that you’d like taught at your property? We can do that too. Reach out to the Click-Click-Boom team of instructors to find out more information!

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