How to Sign Up for a Firearm Training Course

If you haven’t used our firearm training website in the past, you may be unfamiliar with how to sign up for our firearm training courses. The step-by-step instructions below are based on our paid courses, however the process is the same for our free courses without the payment step. Of course, if you have additional questions or issues, feel free to use the contact us page to reach our USCCA certified firearm instructors.


Step #1 – Select Firearm Training Course

1a. Go to home page.
1b. Click on “All Courses” or “View Courses
1c. Click on the “See more…” button on the course you are interested in taking.
1d. Click on the “Take this Course” button.

Step #2 – Pay for Course

2a. Click “Add to Cart”.
2b. Your screen will refresh. Click “View cart” at the top of the page.
2c. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
2d. Enter Billing info and e-mail address. This e-mail will be used to login to your new account.
2e. Fill in credit/debit card number and click “Place Order”.

Step #3 – Check Your E-Mail

1a. Check for confirmation e-mail from Click-Click-Boom
1b. Within that confirmation email, you’ll also find your new account password.

Step #4 – Login to Your Account

4a. Head back to home page.
4b. Click “My Account” at the very top of the page.
4c. Click the Login button in the middle of the page.
4d. Enter your email address and password from Step #3 at the popup. Click “Log In”.

Step #5 – Start Firearm Training

5a. Your course/s will appear once logged in and viewing your account page.
5b. Click on a course. After clicking the course, scroll down to find the course curriculum and begin at the introduction.