women's pistol class, women's intermediate handgun class

Women’s Intermediate Pistol

In the Women’s Intermediate Pistol course, you’ll continue your training from the Beginner’s Women’s course and learn the differences between Revolvers and Semi-Automatics, including the pro’s and con’s to using each type of firearm for protection and carrying. You’ll learn of different ways to conceal your handgun on your person, specifically towards women conceal carry.

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self-defense firearm, self-defense basics

Self Defense Firearm Basics

Self Defense firearm basics will allow you to take control of any situation that may arise. Learn the four universal safety rules associated with all firearm handling, along with the basics in self-defense with your firearm. This course will cover everything from how to clear a jam to other use of force options such as

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Defensive Shooting Class

Defensive shooting class are the first steps in ensuring your self defense skills are polished and effective. Simply having a firearm on your hip is not good enough. Understanding proper technique and processes for encountering dangerous situations is one of the most important aspects of defensive shooting. More often than not, you’ll be able to

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womens pistol class, women's handgun course, women's defense firearms course

Women’s Defensive Pistol

Being able to step into the shooting range involves the ability to activate the worst-case-scenario center in my brain, but to do so in the most rational and focused way possible. This fear factor is actually a useful tool for marksmanship. Researchers and psychologists have studied for years that it’s the “good” stress that motivates

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Legal use of force, use of force defined

The Legal Use of Force

Although laws vary from state to state when defining your legal right to use force to protect yourself, your home, your property and other people, at their heart, most states’ laws require that any use of force be “reasonable for the circumstances.” This mini course will cover reasonable force and deadly force, as well as

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women's pistol training, women's firearm training, women's handgun training

Women’s Basic Pistol

This course will cover women’s handgun and self-defense fundamentals. It is a known fact that women are often time targets of criminals because they think that women will be easy targets. This course will help you protect yourself and loved ones in a time of need. You don’t have to be a victim or a

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