How to Clean a Handgun Course

How to Clean a Handgun

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In this free course, learn the proper steps to cleaning a handgun. While safety and training with a firearm is important, maintaining your firearm to ensure it fires when you need it to is important as well. Even that brand new gun that you take off the shelf should be oiled before first use.

Even if you have a brand new gun out of the box and haven’t fired it yet, you should take this free course. Cleaning your handgun not only ensures it will stay clean and corrosion free, but will ensure your firearm will fire properly. When you don’t complete a proper cleaning of your handgun, gunk and debris can build up in the gun. This can lead to failure to feed and failure to fire malfunctions, thus leading to an ineffective firearm.

In order to properly clean your handgun, be sure you pick up cleaning essentials from Click-Click-Boom. You’ll need cleaning supplies such as CLP lubricant, cleaning brushes, pads, rods, and wipes. Be sure to choose equipment that is specific to your caliber of gun, as well as the length of barrel.

Before starting the course, find your handgun and make sure it’s unloaded. Find your owner’s manual or YouTube video on how to disassemble your firearm and then begin the course.