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Youth Gun Safety & Fundamentals Basics

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The youth gun safety and fundamentals basics course is not related to the Minnesota youth gun safety. This course is a free online course for both parents and youth to sit through and better understand what it means to have guns in the house. Not only will this course cover home safety of your firearm, but also explain why they are there in the first place. Having an open dialogue about firearms with your children will help them understand. Rather than hiding the firearms and making it a stigma to talk about, be open with your children. Explain the importance of having firearms and the many uses.

Promote youth gun safety in your home and in the field at an early age so it becomes muscle memory. Firearm safety doesn’t have to be learned in the field. Before picking up a firearm, have your child sit through our gun safety and fundamentals course to understand how a firearm operates. The differences between different types of firearms can help your child understand overall function of each tool.

This course will instill safe and secure storage of your firearms as well as the safe use while at the range or in the field.

If there are firearms in your home and you have children, at some point you’ll want to introduce the firearms and provide knowledge needed for your children to treat all firearms with respect. This course will introduce different teaching methods, tips, tricks and drills so you can better teach your child the fundamentals of firearms safety.